Treat your netbook to a little Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker is an online card game developed by the software company Net Entertainment. It is without doubt one of the cleanest, sexiest blackjack games on the internet, and it is 100% instant play, making it perfect for netbook users.

The stage is set with a virtual table, topped with smooth green felt, and rimmed with polished oak veneer. Opposite the player, on the dealer’s side of the table, sit a gleaming brass chip tray and card shoe. The realism is very impressive for a no-download game.

Things look even better once the game starts. First, grab some chips and drop them in the Ante circle, then hit Deal. Watch as the cards fly out of the shoe, flip over, then line up in front of you. If your hand is looking grim, you can trade in a few cards, but it costs 1x your ante bet for every one you discard. Once your hand is set, fold or call, then watch the spotlight shift to the dealer’s hand as his card flip over one by one, showing you what you’re up against.

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does not slow it down at all. Somehow, Net Entertainment managed to find a middle ground between great visual effects and strong performance, so all the online casino games run great on a netbook.

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